18th Street Arts Center

Southern California's Largest Artist Residency Program.

Graphic Designer
Date: January 2019- Present
Platform: Print

18th Street Arts Center is a non-profit artist residency program and center that produces year round events promoting international artists. The campus is comprised of 4 buildings housing artist lofts, dance studios, recording studios and more. As a graphic designer, I am responsible for creating any print designs for the organization. This includes program booklets, invitations and any other printed materials on an as needed basis. 

Print Design
Ad Design
Challenge: How do we make the program guides more legible and exciting to receive?
Since the arts center represents so many artists throughout the year, it is important for them to provide proper publicity for artist exhibitions. The program guides served this purpose by introducing every Artist In Residency, advertising exhibitions for each artist and sharing any other news about events happening on the Arts Center Campuses. 

Old Program Guide

The main concerns with the old program guide were that the text was too small & hard to read when placed on top of the artist's work.
New Program Guide

The new program guide is larger, with wider dimensions and showcases the artist's work unobstructed.

The new cover style is also cohesive throughout the year.
Other Notable Contributions
Gala Invitations

Designed a trifold invitation with accompanying envelopes.
Pico Block Party Guides

Designed a reversible event booklet with a map in the center. Visitors can read easily access the Spanish side of the booklet by flipping it over to the other side.