SkinLab USA

Skin Lab USA is a celebrity skin rejuvenation spa in West Hollywood, CA.

Freelance Website Designer
Date: October 2019 - November 2019
Platform: Web

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SkinLab USA aimed to update their website to reflect the level of clientele frequenting the spa and improve user retention. Since they had predetermined business plans, they wanted the website up and running in a few short months.

Although we were short on time, I didn’t want to design the website without a bit of research. So, I approached this project from a UX perspective and began with a reimagined usability audit.

First, I aimed to document or discover any glaring usability issues. As someone that has never attended a spa, but was very interested in visiting one, I used my lack of knowledge as an asset. I worked diligently to approach the audit from a position of documenting obvious usability issues and avoiding personal preferences.
Website Design
UX Design
Next, we set aside some time to run heatmaps using Hotjars. I wanted to gather some insights into how users were using the website. We recorded clicks for over 500 visitors and gathered over 100 recordings of their sessions. After reviewing my findings and discussing business objectives with the team at SkinLab, I began redesigning the website.


One of the most notable observations was that many users tried to click on the tiles under the header.

However, only the navigations and the forms were clickable on the homepage.